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A unique hand rotating campfire stick

Cooking over the campfire couldn't be much fun, without a crank style handle on the end of a stainless steel stick. With some creative thinking and suggestions from close relatives, a manual rotisserie campfire stick emerged known as the "Z Stick". The Z Stick enables a person to rotate a hotdog or a marshmallow in a circular motion giving the food item a chance to cook thoroughly.

Conventional campfire sticks have always had a bad reputation of cooking food unevenly and/or partially cooked. After a hotdog has been pushed on to a two pronged campfire stick, placed into the campfire, it is difficult to get the entire hotdog cooked evenly. The hotdog is cooked in the front and both ends. Very seldom it is cooked on the back side, unless the hotdog is taken off the hot stick, turned around, and put back on the stick to be cooked thoroughly.

You and your family members will have fun and enjoy using the Z Stick around your campfire! Every Happy Camper knows the true secret to a wonderful camping adventure is a great Hot Dog or Marshmallow!! I have sticks that will turn perfectly roasted wieners and golden-brown perfect marshmallows every time!!!! Email us or place your orders!